Shane Bodimer

Building the future of networking @ Ladder
Previously AT&T IoT Consulting


1st place in the PickHacks 2019 Hackathon. Phone app and embedded motion tracking device that provides real-time feedback on athletic forms.
React Native, Google Cloud, WebSockets
1st place in the Shamhacks 2018 Hackathon. Website and browser extension that finds relevant veteran-owned businesses.
ReactJS, Chrome Extension, SQL
Built for a databases class project, Parkbnb was an online marketplace for people to rent out their short-term parking spots in large cities or college towns.
ReactJS, SQL, Mapbox, User auth.
Name on Reddit
A small responsive web app for searching comments and shows Subreddit frequency of your term for the last 500 comments.
ReactJS, Reddit API
Built for a communication class, this is a simple web app that allows users to quickly and easily create better READMEs. A tool to improve development communication.
Build for quick prototyping, this is a lightweight and customizable CSS framework, built to look good on any device. Includes a grid, form styles and navigation.

Smaller Projects

AT&T work    A handful of screenshots of my dashboard web apps at AT&T
St. Pats app    View on Apple App Store    Scorecard app for Missouri S&T's annual St. Pats celebrations
Greek Week app    View on Apple App Store    Scorecard app for Missouri S&T's annual Greek Week celebrations
Payment Split    Python program to calculate shared expenses between friends
Chi Omega Eta Kappa    Website for Missouri S&T sorority to recruit new members
Concert News Generator    Online tool for generating monthly concert information to be read on air
Spotify to KLAP    Online tool for converting Spotify playlists into KLAP-friendly importable data
Brown ADD Scales    Online calculator for quickly scoring Pearson's Brown ADD Scales

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